2019: A Year of Uprooting & Replanting

As you may know, our ministry among international university students In Grenoble, France ended with the school year in June and we spent July through September serving at Pierres Vivantes/Entrepierres (a Christian retreat center in the south of France) before moving back to Pennsylvania at the end of September. It has been good to be back with family and friends and we have enjoyed the opportunities to share about God’s work in France at a missions conference and with a few church partners in the area. But we really miss the friends we made and the students we walked alongside for the past 5 years. Both of our children were born in France and have many memories of life in and around Grenoble. We grew some roots there and it’s hard digging them up and trying to replant them here.

Though, we are hopeful and very thankful. The ministry at the FEU is carrying on well and lives are being changed for God’s glory. Pierres Vivantes found a much-needed full-time maintenance and hospitality couple to support the important spiritual work that happens there. Our boys are settling in here, making friends and getting used to a different way of life in America. God has given us a new ministry vision (continue reading below) and has been preparing us and providing for us in some amazing ways. Friends and family have been very generous with us as we resettle.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support as we navigate this transition.

David, Rachel, Rusty & Max

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New Ministry Vision

Live simply and nomadically to serve in practical ways wherever God calls us.

While we were working with the FEU in France, Christian camps and ministries frequently requested our help with programs or maintenance.

David regularly helped a local camp, Champfleuri, with building projects and we spent two summers doing projects at Pierres Vivantes. We occasionally volunteered at other camps, but they often lacked accommodations for a family.

We love serving in this way, but also realize how important it is for our family to have our own familiar space. God has been laying this ministry on our hearts for the past year, honing our vision and providing the resources to make it happen. More than 10 ministries have already requested our help!

God provided a nearly perfect travel trailer (pictured) that will be our home. We can transport our “home” to ministries in North America all throughout the year to help with various projects. Having a “tiny home” will make it easy to still pack up and go back overseas for short periods of time when needed. At the moment, David is doing architectural drawings for Champfleuri from abroad and plans to return to France this spring to help install the project he’s designing.

Even though the ball is already rolling, a few details still have to come together:

1. A few modifications need to be made to the trailer to accommodate our family as time and budget allows.2. The trailer will have to be towed by a large and reliable truck. We plan to purchase one in the spring as we trust God to provide the funds.

3. Because our ministry no longer has us living abroad, CMML (Christian Missions in Many Lands) has closed our account. We have received a new commendation from Malvern Bible Chapel and have partnered with CWF (Christian Workers Fellowship) and ACM (Assembly Care Ministries) to facilitate communication and tax-deductible ministry contributions.

We trust that God will provide all that is necessary for His work to continue. Would you stand with us in faithful prayer for these details to come together?

Family News


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Rusty is three and a half and goes to a local church preschool two mornings a week. He’s quite the social butterfly and loves doing educational crafts. He also absolutely loves spending time with family!


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