Needs to Get Our Trailer On the Road

$25 Gift

Two Towel Racks

$50 Gift

Mattress for Rusty
Junior mattresses are narrower and slightly shorter than a twin.

Mattress for Max
These mattresses will save space but still allow room to grow.

$75 Gift

Linens For the Boys
(Duvet cover, sheets, mattress pads)

Linens For Us
We left most of our linens at Entrepierres in France!

Room Darkening Curtains
Essential for the kids nap time!

$100 Gift


Miscellaneous Hardware
Hinges, handles, screws, nails, etc.

Wainscoting for the bedroom walls

Having PVC paneling on the lower walls will be more durable for when the boy inevitably ram their toy cars into the walls!

New wall covering for the bedroom
We had to strip the worn-out existing wall covering and picked a new material to use.


New sheet metal to cover the back wall/corner

$150 Gift


Paint & Primer
(A few surfaces are laminate or wallpaper, which we plan to paint over.)

First Mattress for Daybed

Second Mattress for Daybed

Lumber for Bedroom and Living/Dining Room Table Reconfiguration

$250 Gift

IKEA Extendable Daybed
This bed only takes up the space of a single bed during the day, but opens out to a double bed in the evening.

New Vinyl Flooring
We have ordered remnants at a 40% discount and are waiting for it to come in.

4 New Tires for the Trailer

(3 gifts needed - $750 total)
All of the tools David used in France belonged to the FEU.
Since our goal is to not be a burden on the ministries we serve, David needs his own full set of power tools.

Additional Gifts Toward the Purchase of a Truck

In addition to these needs mentioned, we will need to purchase a used, low mileage truck to pull the travel trailer. If you feel led to contribute to this larger need, please let us know and visit our support page for details on how to give.

We are in the market for a pre-owned truck like the Dodge Ram 2500 diesel pictured here (Rachel's dad's truck is pictured with our travel trailer.)