The Lord Establishes Our Steps

“The heart of a man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”
– Proverbs 16:9

When God moved us on from our ministry in France, He gave us a vision to serve Christian ministries in North America with practical needs while living in a travel trailer. This has been the plan, but here are a few steps we’ve taken and plan to take so far.

We were SO encouraged by a visit to Camp Berea in New Hampshire a few weeks ago. They recently acquired a second camp, Berea Maine, and are anxious for our help. We’re getting so excited to be at a place again where young lives are regularly impacted by the truth of the Gospel. We’ve known many people involved with this camp throughout their 75-year history!

Our hope is to finish the trailer and move in within the next few weeks and then buy a truck and head to Camp Berea Maine in early May. We’ll stay through at least August, or until the Lord moves us elsewhere.


As we are working on the trailer, we thought people might want to contribute to specific needs. We put together this page on our website listing some of these needs. Since the space is small, we have to pick out all of the items to make sure they fit.

CAD model of the bedroom in our trailer.

Feel free to watch our video to see what changes we’re going to make, and see the CAD drawing of the bedroom/playroom. Both beds have stacking mattresses that slide out to be larger beds at night. It will make the room very versatile.

Browse Our Needs Page 

Thank you for walking with us in this journey!

David, Rachel, Rusty and Max VanDuzer

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