Giving Thanks from Greenwood Hills!

Rejoice always,
pray continually,
give thanks in all circumstances; 
for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

As we celebrated Thanksgiving this week, we were reminded that there is much to be grateful for! 

We’re thankful:

– That God has provided the time and resources to be able to complete the majority of our trailer renovations. 

– That our propane line to our furnace was temporarily fixed. (We are still waiting for a difficult to find part to come in to finish the project. Until then, we do have electric heat.)

– That we could serve at Camp Berea this summer and again this fall, for the friendships we made there and for the blessing this camp was to so many in the midst of such an unusual year. 

– That we can serve Greenwood Hills Bible Conference & Camp this week and that the weather is not below freezing so that we could bring our trailer. 

– For the lives that have been changed by the transforming power of the Gospel at these camps and the many camps we hope to serve soon.

– For technology that allowed us to see family from across the country on Thanksgiving. 

– For plans coming together to serve more camp ministries very soon. (Stay tuned for those details!)

– We’re thankful for all of you who have been lifting us up in prayer, encouraging us and supporting us financially! 

What Have We Been Doing?

1. Building

David spent a good portion of this year renovating our trailer so that we can serve at these ministries. The purpose is to provide our own lodging with a familiar space for our family wherever we go and to not be a burden on these ministries.

2. Serving

We served at Camp Berea in New Hampshire all summer, took another service trip there this fall and are now serving at Greenwood Hills Bible Conference and Camp for a little more than a week. In between these service trips we have been finishing the trailer renovation.

3. Scheduling

We are talking with several camps to fill our schedule. David will meet with a local camp next week to see how he can help. We need wisdom for where and when to serve, especially as travel restrictions and quarantine measures may be in place if we travel out of state.


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Join Our Team!

We volunteer our time and do not charge these camps for our services. To do this ministry most effectively, we are praying for more people to join our team as both prayer support and as regular financial donors. Any amount will make a tremendous difference! Our goal and prayer is to have a steady monthly income by this spring so we can serve Christian ministries full-time instead of having to do part-time ministry and part-time work to make ends meet.

If the Lord leads you to give toward our ministry, instructions on how to give tax-deductible donations through Christian Worker’s Fellowship or Assembly Care Ministries can be found on our support page. Thank you!

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